Volodymyr Bedzvin

Born into a family of professional musicians, Volodymyr Bedzvin started violin lessons at the age of five and the cello shortly thereafter. Volodymyr went on to study at the Lviv National Conservatory. With a growing interest in contemporary music, he began to perform and record world music, folk, and pop rock music.

He collaborated with professional musicians and bands, such as Ludy Dobri, Tatosh Banda, Hych Orkestr, Mariana Sadovska, Mark Tokar, Grammy winner Włodzimierz Pawlik, Tung & Bedzvin Duo, Khrystyna Soloviy and others.

V. Bedzvin presented his solo project as `BEDZVIN` in 2012, with a debut single `Dance inside`. The project is a combination of vocal with looping stations and sound effects empowered by rich cello sound. BEDZVIN is a unique breathtaking combination of the world, neofolk and indie-pop music.

Volodymyr has performed throughout his native Ukraine and toured throughout Europe and North America.




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