Volodymyr Bedzvin

Volodymyr Bedzvin – cello, vocal, composer

Born into a family of professional musicians, Volodymyr’s parents were members of Lugansk Symphonic Orchestra (Ukraine) and college music teachers. Volodymyr started violin lessons at the age of five and the cello a few years later. As a child prodigy, he won for three years in a row the first prize of the Annual Musical Competition of Lugansk Oblast. He studied at Kharkiv Secondary Special Music Boarding School from 2001 to 2007 and performed regularly in string quartets and various ensembles and in the Regional and All-Ukrainian Musical Competitions between 2004-2007. Volodymyr passed vigorous examinations to continue his studies at the Lviv National Academy of Music, renowned for its European classical music training. However, with a growing interest in contemporary music, he began to perform and record world music, Ukrainian folk, and pop rock music with professional musicians and bands, such as Ludy DobriTatosh Banda,  Hych Orkestr, Mariana Sadovska, Mark Tokar, Grammy winner Włodzimierz PawlikTung & Bedzvin Duo. Volodymyr has performed throughout Ukraine and toured to Poland, Scotland, and Canada, in addition to his appearances on the TV show – Ukraine’s Got Talent. Volodymyr moved to Canada in 2015.


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